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We do not have Kennels or a Rescue Centre. Our dogs are placed around the UK in suitable Foster Homes or we sometimes use Emergency Boarding Kennels.


If you would like to foster for us, you can expect:


* To be home checked

* To be vet checked

* To have all cost covered by KARAS (food, vet fees etc)


You will need to be available quite

often at short notice - We don't always get much time to save a dog before

they are due to be put to sleep and it is vital that we get a dog to safety often with just hours to spare






Fostering saves lives ...... Have you got what it takes?

Our dogs need you .......

* They need somewhere warm & safe to recover from their neuter / spey

* They need someone who can take them to their local vet for vaccinations

* They need someone to take them to be microchipped

* They need someone to give them a chance. To give them plenty of time to settle down; Love them, take care of them, show them how to trust, train them. The list is endless but the rewards are priceless ............

All expenses are paid for by KARAS

Sometimes a foster dog can live quite happily with your family and your current dog(s) But sometimes they need a bit of space and may need a little time to settle. Do you have a spare room? Could you temporarily open up your heart & your home to give a dog a chance? You will play a vital role in the rescue & rehoming process. You will assess the dog and help us decide on what (if any) training the dog needs. You will help us decide on what kind of home would be best suited to a particular dog and most importantly you will be directly responsible for KARAS being able to save this dogs life

Our Foster Homes have full back up & support from KARAS at all times. If your circumstances change or if things aren't working out we will ALWAYS remove the dog from your home as soon as possible

Please email us for an Application Form to Foster:


KARAS relies on a dedicated team of Foster Homes in order to operate. Without foster homes we wouldn't be able to help as many dogs.