KARAS Rescue

Kangal   Anatolian Rescue And Support 


Based in the UK



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There are lots of ways you can help us .....


Our dogs are located all around the UK. If we have a dog in your area could you spare an hour or two to take them out for a walk?

Raising funds and keeping a steady flow of cash coming in is always our biggest challenge. We can't do what we do without money and we always need to be prepared for those bigger emergencies


Could you organise a small Fund Raising event at your place of work? A quiz night? A raffle? Maybe organise something with your friends & family? A sponsored walk? A bungee jump? Whatever it is, please let us know and we can promote it for you through our website & facebook page and try to help you raise even more vital funds!


* Hold a boot fair in KARAS name

* Sell your unwanted goods via online auctions

* Set up a regular Sanding Order to our Bank


Could you print out some posters of our dogs needing a home and display  them in local Pet Shops / Notice Boards?


It costs nothing to click the 'share' button ....... If you see any of our dogs on FACEBOOK or TWITTER please click 'SHARE' You never know who might see them and offer them a wonderful home

HOME CHECKERS! We need you ......

Based all around the UK, our homecheckers play such an important role in sending our dogs off to their forever home.

If you can help, please contact us

Drivers - We sometimes have to collect a dog from a Pound in one part of the country and get it to a Foster Home in another part of the country. Sometimes a driver can do the whole journey or sometimes we break the journey down into smaller routes and the journey is shared between a team of drivers. If you can help, please let us know and we will add you to our Drivers Database


Please donate whatever you can to enable us to help more dogs. We can't do it without your support.


Donate via paypal